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UniLaSalle UniLaSalle engineering diploma specializing in Geosciences and Environment

UniLaSalle engineering diploma specializing in Geosciences and Environment

Beauvais, France

3 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 7,200 / per year *


* 1st and 2nd year: €7200 / 3rd to 5th year: €8400


Turning your passion for nature into your future career? It's possible by choosing to study geology!

Analyzing the Earth to understand the origin of rocks and the formation of oceans and mountains is essential knowledge in many aspects of our daily lives. These skills, combined with mastery of digital tools, are fundamental for anticipating and managing natural risks, developing water resources, decontaminating soil, sustainably exploring natural resources, or even developing new sources of energy. So many approaches to Earth Sciences that you will explore in depth during this course.

Becoming a geologist engineer means choosing training at the heart of the planet's challenges, where curiosity is constantly stimulated!

Why Become a Geology and Environmental Engineer?

Fin observateur de la Terre et des roches qui la composent, l'ingénieur géologue mobilise ses connaissances scientifiques pour :

  • Anticipate and manage natural risks for land use planning
  • Enhance and protect water resources and decontaminate natural, urban or industrial soils
  • Explore and sustainably produce natural resources
  • Développer les énergies nouvelles pour accompagner la transition énergétique
  • Déployer des modèles numériques 3D pour aider à prévoir et à décider
  • Identifier les géo-bio-réservoirs au service de la neutralité carbone des territoires.



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