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University Carlos III of Madrid Bachelor's Degree in Humanities (Spanish)
University Carlos III of Madrid

Bachelor's Degree in Humanities (Spanish)

Getafe, Spain

4 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 7,000 / per year *


* for non-European students | for EU students: € 1,500/year


One of the Humanities degree’s objectives is to train professionals capable of understanding the events taking place in the world today and to tackle the problems and issues of our time with a critical approach. Graduates will acquire the knowledge necessary to direct their futures working in national and international foundations and institutions in culture, thought, politics, or humanitarian intervention, companies engaged in communication or human resources, and institutions and companies in the fields of education and culture, doing so as teachers, creators, managers, advisors or critics.

This degree provides students with extensive knowledge, inter alia, in the fields of culture, communication, human resources, humanitarian politics, and international studies. The program; knowledge and analysis perspective offers a very effective way to pursue more specialized postgraduate studies in different fields. It also provides the students with the possibility of interning in important companies and institutions in this sector, where they will gain hands-on training and professional experience.

Studies with some courses in English

This bachelor's degree is offered in Spanish, but you can study some courses in English if you want.

You can check the courses offered in English in the study program.

You don't need a previous-level test. If you want to study a course in English, you have to select the English group in the enrollment.

Employability and professional internships

UC3M has agreements with over 3000 companies and institutions in which students can undertake internships and access job openings.

A total of 93.4 % of graduates from this University enter the job market the first year after finishing their studies, according to the 2019 XXIV Estudio de Inserción Profesional (Professional Placement Study).




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