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University Carlos III of Madrid Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Physics (English)
University Carlos III of Madrid

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Physics (English)

Getafe, Spain

4 Years


Full time

Request application deadline

Sep 2024

EUR 7,000 / per year *


* for non-European students | for EU students: € 1,500/year


The degree in Engineering Physics is geared toward students seeking to be a part of the creation, design, and implementation of the technologies of the future in state-of-the-art research centers as well as world-class technology companies.

To achieve this goal, students will acquire the fundamentals of Modern Physics, Chemistry, and Biology along with their application to engineering problems in areas where scientific and technological developments go hand in hand, as is the case of Nanotechnology, Quantum Technologies, and Biomaterials.

Taught in its entirety in English, this degree program has specialized laboratories where lab practicums are carried out with small groups. It also offers the possibility of doing internships in the sector’s most important companies.

Studies in English only

This degree courses completely in English. No groups are available in Spanish in any subject. You must take into mind that:

  • In groups in English, all work (classes, drills, exercises, tests, etc.) shall be conducted in English
  • During the first year, it must establish an English B2 level, pass a test, and provide one of the supported official certificates or any way determined by the university
  • After completing the studies, the DS mention of having carried out the studies in English will appear

Employability and professional internships

UC3M has agreements with over 3000 companies and institutions in which students can undertake internships and access job openings.

A total of 93.4 % of graduates from this University enter the job market the first year after finishing their studies, according to the 2019 XXIV Estudio de Inserción Profesional (Professional Placement Study).




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