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Tallinn University of Technology BSc in Cyber Security Engineering
Tallinn University of Technology

BSc in Cyber Security Engineering

Tallinn, Estonia

3 Years


Full time

Request application deadline *

Aug 2024

EUR 6,000 / per year **


* non-EU citizens; 1 June - citizens of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland

** free for EU/EEA citizens


Built-it and networked digital logicsurround our everyday life more and more. On the one hand, it makes our life much easier, but on the other hand, it makes it also more vulnerable, because digital solutions aren't sufficiently protected. In the worst case, by hacking into vulnerable systems, it's already realistic to explode the boilers in the houses, cause long-time telephone and power outages, stop, damage, or even crash cars and trains, etc. Additionally, it's already quite usual that someone can steal your money from your account, break into your computer, read your emails, watch-hear your conversations, etc. But all the above-mentioned things can operate in a more secure and reliable way if we implement cybersecurity correctly.

If you wish to explore this incredible world more closely and would like to be the safe keeper of the cyber world, come and study Cyber Security Engineering!

Why this Program?

  • The program of Cyber Security Engineering is unique in its focus on cybersecurity – protecting the organization from online attacks in order for it to operate in a sustainable manner
  • Cybersecurity has become a major concern over the last few years as hackers have penetrated the IT infrastructures of governments and enterprises with increasing frequency and sophistication
  • The growth of mobile and IoT devices will increase exposure to cybersecurity hacks that demand experts to protect networks, hardware, and software from unauthorized access



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