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Tsukuba Gakuin University

Tsukuba Gakuin University

Tsukuba Gakuin University


Tsukuba Gakuin University has many "learning places" for you. Classes by faculty members who are carefully assigned to reduce the number of students per faculty member. Exchange with international students from various countries. Club and club activities that can use university facilities. Through these, your power and potential will be greatly increased.

The "Off Campus Program" with the slogan "Tsukuba City on Campus" collaborates with local companies, local governments, NPOs, etc., and through activities "How can we help people for the world?" Let's experience. Inspiring scenes continue at the annual recital.

We also provide university learning for working adults, and we have established a Japanese language teacher training course, which is rare in a four-year university.

All the faculty and staff will support you so that you can return the abilities and qualities that you have acquired at Tsukuba Gakuin University to society in the rest of your life.


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    Tsukuba, Japan