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The British University in Egypt BSc in Architectural Engineering
The British University in Egypt

BSc in Architectural Engineering

Cairo, Egypt

4 Years


Full time

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GBP 7,500 / per year



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The Architectural Engineering Programme provides state-of-the-art knowledge and skills that reflect a flexible pace to match the fast growth of emerging technologies employed in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries to meet national, MENA and international market demands. Thus, achieving the BUE’s and the Faculty of Engineering’s key objectives to promote cultural, economic, social and technological development via capable Architectural Engineering graduates, educated to the best UK academic standards.

Distinctive features of the programme

The BUE delivers programmes based on a British philosophy of education. This results in programmes that are very much focused on the students rather than those who deliver the material. Graduates from UK programmes typically exhibit:

  • the ability to think creatively and with strong problem-solving skills;
  • high-level key and transferable skill sets;
  • independently maintained a high level of professional and subject specific as well as general technical competence (often through CPD);
  • the ability to consider problems at a high level (i.e. to see the big picture);
  • diligence and ethical working practices;
  • flexibility and the ability to apply their subject-specific knowledge to fields outside their own.


The BUE Mission is to be the leading provider of high-quality UK style education in the MENA region. The University is committed to ensuring UK validation of its programmes and to ensure a student experience that is in line with UK standards. Built on top of institutional quality assurance is subject level validation and the Faculty is committed to ensuring that its UK validating partners confirm that its degree programme is in line with UK standards. An outcome of this will be the dual award of both an Egyptian BSc and a BSc from a UK validating partner in Architectural Engineering.

Furthermore, we will be seeking accreditation of this degree programme with the Chartered Institute of Building, the UK’s leading professional body for this programme discipline. Accredited degree programmes are the preferred and fast track routes for those who aim to obtain the professional qualification of membership in the Chartered Institute of Building.

At the time of writing, and to the best of our knowledge, this combination of academic and professional accreditation makes our programme in Architectural Engineering quite unique in both Egypt and the surrounding region.

Programme aims

The aims of this programme are to:

  • provide students with a solid Architectural Engineering knowledge-base, skills, and competence needed through the provision of an efficient learning environment that enables students to reach their full potential, personally and academically, and to further enhance their independent learning ability for continuing professional development (CPD) in order to meet national as well as international market demands.
  • offer a broad curriculum which provides state-of-the-art knowledge and practical skills in Architectural Engineering;

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