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SUNY Buffalo State BA in Mathematics
SUNY Buffalo State

BA in Mathematics

1300, USA

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Pure mathematics studies the basic concepts and structures that underlie all of mathematics. Traditionally, pure mathematics has been classified into two general fields: analysis and algebra. Analysis deals with the continuous aspects of mathematics and algebra is concerned with sets of objects and operations on these objects. Our undergraduate program is designed so that students will become familiar with each of these fields. Students may also explore other topics such as logic, number theory, and subjects within applied mathematics.

  1. master a rich and diverse set of mathematical ideas and techniques from across the core courses of single and multivariable calculus, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, probability, modern algebra, and real and complex analysis.
  2. understand the nature of proof and construct well-structured and valid mathematical arguments.
  3. choose appropriate mathematical approaches for analyzing new situations and solving multi-step and open-ended problems.
  4. communicate their mathematical ideas and results, both orally and in writing, with clarity and precision.
  5. use appropriate technology.

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