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Sullivan University Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)
Sullivan University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)

Louisville, USA

36 Months


Full time

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Jun 2024

USD 420 / per credit

Blended, Distance Learning, On-Campus


The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.S.I.T.) degree prepares students for a career in information technology with the communication skills, critical thinking, and technical competencies required in the modern workplace.

This degree program includes a strong technical foundation in proficiency in web design, programming languages, systems analysis and design, operating systems, project management, and application software for business solutions.

Program Highlights & Locations

Following Sullivan’s tradition, we engage students in real-world, hands-on learning. These courses are taught by professionals that come from the industry. We do not only discuss creating web pages. Instead, students are instructed to create web pages and they are posted to a live server for the world to see. We create real-world applications that can be used in a modern business setting. We build networks using current Cisco equipment.

Our IT Academy department chair said it best. He created an analogy of an individual who wanted to make it in Hollywood. If the person can act, he has a slight possibility of making it. If the person only dances, his odds are about the same. If that person sings incredibly, the odds do not change that much. However, if you put those three talents together (acting, dancing, and singing), that person is called a triple threat – they can do it all. In our field, the triple threat is that person who has a degree, certifications, and experience. We offer all of these through the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree.


  • Louisville Campus
  • Lexington Campus
  • Fort Knox Extension Campus
  • Learning Center - Louisa
  • Online


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