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Shizuoka Sangyo University

Shizuoka Sangyo University

Shizuoka Sangyo University


Shizuoka Prefecture, where Shizuoka Sangyo University is placed, is located almost in the center of Japan.

You can get to Tokyo in about 1 hour and to Osaka in about 2 hours using the Shinkansen , and there is also an international airport here.

Mt.Fuji, which is very well known all around the world, is located in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The climate in Shizuoka is mild, so you can comfortably live here all year round.

The economic level of Shizuoka Prefecture is about the same as of such countries as Vietnam, Hungary, Qatar, and Kazakhstan.

Shizuoka is rich with delicious food, and here you can experience traditional Japanese culture by visiting local hot springs, shrines, and temples.


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