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Shikoku University upholds the motto of "Holistic Independence" as a founding principle. All of the faculty and staff act as a team, supporting students so that they can confidently make their way into the future world of unpredictable occurrences, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and eventually can realize their dreams.

As a result, our students' satisfaction level with classes and lectures is very high. The employment rate and the success rate of national examinations for registered nurses and dietitians of our graduates is very high as well. A large number of our students have also passed the civil service employment examination. We are now enhancing our educational content and quality by improving our ICT environment. We have also undertaken high school and university articulation reforms which are expected to create new value. We assist our students to gain higher qualifications to expand their possibilities of employment.

We are proud of our generous scholarship programs, cutting-edge sports facilities, volunteer activity opportunities, new partnerships with overseas universities including double degree programs, and 'AI application human resources development programs,' which make Shikoku University special.

We have committed ourselves to make continuous efforts so that we will be trusted by the local community and industries, and at the same time to make Shikoku University much more attractive to current and future students. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our university.


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