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Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) Bachelor of Arts in Comics and Illustration
Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA)

Bachelor of Arts in Comics and Illustration

Rome, Italy

3 Years


Full time

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EUR 10,000 / per year



Bachelor of Arts in Comics and Illustration is the curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design that prepares professionals to enter the world of comics and illustration and enables them to tell stories by giving shape to their own style and technique. Students acquire art skills such as composition, visual communication, inking, anatomy, and perspective.

The course combines digital techniques with traditional coloring methods, creating the DNA of communication for the 21st century. A three-year course for all of those who want to entertain, illustrate, tell stories, and provide emotions by transforming their personal message into visual images.

*The course is available only in Italian. All lessons include mandatory attendance at RUFA’s locations in Rome.

Coordinator: Claudio Spuri

Tutor: Luigi Iacobelli

Lecturers: Lorenzo Bolzoni, Daniele Bonomo, Paolo Buonaiuto, Alessandro Carpentieri, Riccardo Corbò, Fabrizio Des Dorides, Genny Di Bert, Giulio Fermetti, Francesco Fidani, Giulio Antonio Gualtieri, Luigi Iacobelli, Emilio Lecce, Emiliano Mammucari, Enrico Parisio, Michele Pasta, Claudio Spuri, Maria Cristina Vitelli, Christian Rizzo.


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