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It is one of the administrative regions in Saudi Arabia, and its headquarters is the city of Buraidah. Qassim is known for the abundance of groundwater, and it provides the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the best types of dates and vegetables. The key cities of the region are: Buraidah, largest city, Onaizah, Maznib, Bukeiriyah, Badayea, Almaznib, Alkhabra, Riyadh Alkhabra, Alasyah, Oklat Alsukoor, Dhariah, Oyoon Aljawa, and others.

It is noteworthy that the poets: Antara Ibn Shaddad, Zuhair Ibn Abi Salma, and his son Kaab ibn Zuhair, are the most prominent figures who lived in the region, among which Kaab ibn Zuhair who praised the Prophet (PBUH).

Qassim is located in the center of the Kingdom within the Najd Plateau, which includes the regions of Riyadh and Hail. This makes it occupy a prominent position in terms of trade, agriculture and population.

Qassim is a name mentioned in the historical sources, as stated in Lisan al-Arab that Al-Qasimah is a plain land rich with trees, and Al-Qasimah is a fertile land for haloxlon persicum, Calligonum, and Acacia ehrenbergiana.

Qassim had been historically the crossroad for trade and pilgrimage, which flourished during the Umayyad and Abbasid eras, especially the routes of Basra, Kufa and Baghdad; it still retains the ruins of and landmarks of these routes and their stations.

Trade, agriculture, grazing and industry are amongst the main occupations of the people of Qassim region, who live in more than four hundred cities, villages and settlements. Trade is mainly agricultural products such as grains, dates, vegetables and so on, due to the availability of surface and ground water, and livestock such as camels, cows and sheep, in addition to clothing and other luxuries. Qassim climate is the climate of Central Arabia; it is cold in winter, rainy and hot in summer.


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