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Polytechnique Montreal Bachelor in Geological Engineering
Polytechnique Montreal

Bachelor in Geological Engineering

Pavillons Pierre-Lassonde et Claudette McKay-Lassonde, Canada

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Sep 2024

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The bachelor's degree in geological engineering is a cooperative type program, in a work-study program. Specialty courses include a solid foundation in Earth sciences, followed by the practical application of these concepts to solving industrial problems. Particular emphasis is placed on quantitative disciplines such as applied geophysics, geostatistics, geomechanics, soil mechanics, and hydrogeology.

Each of the courses includes practical work that aims to develop the student's sense of observation, analytical skills, and the ability to write technical reports. The three integrating projects are carried out in the field. Three paid industrial internships (each lasting 4 months, ending with the production of a report) complete the preparation of the future engineer for the job market. The geological engineering program is multidisciplinary.

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