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Park University BSc. Mathematics
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BSc. Mathematics

4 Years

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Mathematics is both a body of knowledge concerning a class of symbols and the relation between them, as a system of thought and communication, as well as the application of that system to other areas of human experience. As a system of thought, it derives from philosophy and provides a language, which has particular beauty and clarity. Applied to other areas of human experience mathematics has provided great power and precision to a wide range of endeavors, and thereby has supplied an essential contribution to the rise of modern civilization.

The study of mathematics prepares students for graduate studies in mathematics, related sciences, economics and business administration. Other options include beginning actuarial work, teaching at the secondary level and beginning work in the area of data processing. Third and fourth year MA courses will be determined in consultation with the student’s advisor.

Park Mathematics Colloquium

The Park University Mathematics Colloquium meets on Mondays, 4:30-5:30 p.m. in the Findlay-Wakefield Science Hall, room 110. The colloquium will include two different types of talks; most are accessible for students, and the rest are on faculty research. The prerequisite knowledge for each talk is listed.

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