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Oklahoma City University Bachelor of American Dance Teacher
Oklahoma City University

Bachelor of American Dance Teacher

2501, USA

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Sep 2024

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Students selected through the audition process enter as dance majors. They take a foundation curriculum of dance technique, arts management and production, teaching dance, choreography, dance history, music fundamentals, and general education courses in the first two years. Students are placed in one of the three dance major degree tracks (Dance Performance, Dance Teacher, or Dance Management) for their junior and senior years. Placement in the degree for which students are best matched is based on the students’ interests and faculty evaluation of their skills, knowledge, and accomplishments.

The American dance teacher degree with an emphasis on Dance Studio Management (a traditional first degree; residency required) is focused on developing employable dancers and teachers for the entertainment industry. The American dance teacher program has three core focuses: dance technique training, choreography & pedagogy instruction and arts management & business administration. The dance training core focuses on tap, jazz, theatre dance and ballet as used in musical theatre. The choreography and pedagogy instruction cores focus on developing the skills needed to become leaders in the dance teaching industry. The arts management and business administration cores focus on developing the knowledge and cultivating the expertise essential to managing successful arts organizations. Students develop technical and professional skills necessary to have life-long careers in show business. Equally important as educational growth, the professional development of students is central to the philosophy of the Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment. Students will learn how to take responsibility of their career path through career preparation courses and co-curricular activities. In addition to dance technique classes and a strong liberal arts foundation, American dance teacher

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