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NEWTON University

is a top-rated private business school in Czechia. Our courses will give you the knowledge and experience to kick-start your global entrepreneurial or managerial career.

Why we are unique?

1. Global approach to business
We are looking through an international lens, learning the ins and outs of marketing and context in different parts of the world.
2. Enlightened minds and promising career paths
Not only do we educate skilled professionals, but also create the future by looking globally!
3. Crossing borders
Crossing geographical borders is as much important as pushing the boundaries in our minds.
Awareness of differences goes together with cosmopolitanism at NEWTON (Erasmus+ programmes and bilateral agreement mobilities possible).
4. Impossible becomes possible
With a good business plan, thoughtful implementation, hard work and our support your dreams come true.
5. Flexibility
Individual study plan is possible (where it interferes with work or an internship).
Courses in English are offered to students of Czech programmes as optional subjects and vice versa.


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MSMT (Czech Ministry of Education Youth and Sports)


Find our more about our offer:


  • 18 years we’ve been rising to the top of higher education;
  • 2357 current students across our undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs;
  • 6x winner of the Faculty of the Year student award;
  • 3086 graduates since 2004;
  • Admission rate (Total applications/admitted students) 60%.


    Applications are now open for our three year bachelor's degree in Global Business and Management. The application process is the same for both study modes, so whether you want to study on campus in Prague, or remotely via online learning, get started with your application today! Apply now!

    Are you already a student looking for development perspectives? Are you interested in our offer and would like to get to know our institution? We are waiting for you!

    Find our internship proposal - we will be glad if you join our International Office and get to know us better.

    Visa Requirements

    If you need visa, visit our website to get instructions about the process:visa and nostrification process

    Scholarships and Funding


    U-Multirank - NEWTON University is the strongest in International Orientation.
    Its overall profile shows top performance across various indicators, with 4 ‘A’ (very good) scores overall.


    • Prague

      Kongresové centrum Praha, vchod 6, 5. května 1640/65, Nusle, 140 21 Praha 4, Czechia, , Prague