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Miyazaki International College


Miyazaki International College’s educational philosophy is "Respect and Diligence". In the spirit of "Respect", we aim to respect the humanity in ourselves and in others as we exercise the self-discipline needed to consider matters from the standpoint of others. Furthermore, in the spirit of "Diligence", we aim to actively strive in all things by working our minds as well as our bodies. Working earnestly in this way in all we do, we endeavor to carve and educate our characters. This spirit of " Respect and Diligence " is most essential to modern society.

Miyazaki International College was established in 1994. As a liberal arts college, it is our mission to equip students with a wide range of knowledge, enable them to view issues from diverse perspectives, and cultivate the ability to comprehensively discover the most effective methods for solving problems. We are particularly dedicated to fostering human resources who can flourish in the global society by enhancing students’ metacognitive capabilities (the ability to understand oneself objectively and to transform oneself into a person who can respond flexibly to social changes) and cultivating various skills such as critical thinking, observation, creativity, insight, problem solving, expression and communication. To enable the Japanese to exercise the expression and communication skills they are not good at, language skills are indispensable. In the School of International Liberal Arts, our diverse international faculty will support you in dramatically improving your language and expressive skills. Furthermore, in other countries, early childhood education is considered to be one of the most important stages of education in our lives. The School of Education is dedicated to fostering excellent educators and to contributing to the establishment of a foundation for child education that is second to none in the world.


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