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Mapúa Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science in Geology
Mapúa Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Geology

Manila, Philippines

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This program is designed for students who intend to become professional geologists and/or those who plan to attend graduate school in geosciences. It is an interdisciplinary science that integrates geological observations and concepts with a range of fields including physics, chemistry, mathematics, and modern technologies in the study of Earth’s processes, environments, and history.

Graduates of the program may pursue a career in industries such as minerals/mining, petroleum, and construction, in the academe, or engage in environmental consultancy or government service.


The School of Civil, Environmental, and Geological Engineering (SCEGE) shall be a bastion of academic and technical excellence that develops and inculcates in the Filipino youth the values of critical thinking, social awareness, and environmental concern through state-of-the-art delivery and cutting-edge research while adapting to the ever-changing global trends in engineering education and technology.

Within the five years after graduation, the graduates of the Geology program shall have:

i. Undertaken, singly or in teams, projects that show an ability to solve complex engineering problems

ii. Had substantial involvement in projects that take into consideration safety, health, environmental concerns and the public welfare, partly through adherence to required codes and laws.

iii. Demonstrated professional success via promotions and/or positions of increasing responsibility

iv. Demonstrated life-long learning via progress toward completion of an advanced degree, professional development/continuing education courses, or industrial training courses

v. Exhibited professional behavior and attitude in engineering practice

vi. Initiated and implemented actions toward the improvement of engineering practice

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