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Middlesex University Dubai BSc Honours Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
Middlesex University Dubai

BSc Honours Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3 Years


Full time

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Jan 2025

AED 175,455



The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics aims to produce graduates that meet the requirement of the emerging and increasingly critical cybersecurity industry. This programme will provide students with a significant range of knowledge skills that are highly valued and sought-after by the international security and digital forensics sector. The degree will provide a thorough grounding in the area of modern computing including database design, computer networking, programming, operating systems, regulations, security, digital investigation, file systems, digital evidence management, memory analysis and network protocols. Students will be trained on how to protect and prevent cybercrimes from occurring in organisations and be compliant with regulations governing Cyber Security. They will be able to detect, react appropriately and advise on cybercrimes that have occurred in organisations and be compliant with regulations governing Digital Forensics.

Graduates of this programme will be well prepared for a range of careers in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics as well as a postgraduate study either in “Cyber Security and Penetration Testing”, or “e-Security and Digital Forensics.

Why Study BSc Honours Cyber Security and Digital Forensics?

This programme will prepare students to deal with the legal implications of investigations and be able to collect, analyse and report on and present findings on digital artefacts seized. Students will be prepared to investigate unauthorised access or data breaches in an organisation.

Students will focus on learning the application of dedicated hardware and software safely and effectively in all stages of cyber security and digital forensic lifecycles. The programme also introduces students to the design and development of experimental frameworks to test hypotheses impartially and summarise efficaciously on the results.

The special features of the programme are:

  • Practical hands-on work in our new MDX CERT (Cyber Environments Research and Testing) Lab which has been built and equipped to facilitate the teaching of BSc Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.
  • Practical competencies in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.
  • Students have an edge as the University works with companies such as Dell, IBM, Red Hat, Epson, Oracle and SAS in addition to being Cisco Net Academy – meaning the student will have access to the latest equipment and can make use of specialist teaching materials and workshops.
  • Programme content is enriched by providing industry engagement opportunities to students through industry speakers and field trips.
  • Enrolment into the CISCO academy and the opportunity to complete the CCNA course.
  • Develop project management skills and the opportunity to implement these skills in the final year project.
  • Develop transferable technical skills as well as a strong background in professional ethics.
  • Career coaching is available through the Careers and Employability Service.
  • Option to transfer to London campus.



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