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Loyola University Chicago Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics
Loyola University Chicago

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

Flanner Hall, USA

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Sep 2024

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Students earning a B.S. in Applied Mathematics will acquire foundational knowledge in the field, as well as competency in the critical thinking, technological, and communication skills necessary for its application.

The growing and interdisciplinary relevance of applied mathematics is further evidenced by the list of growing fields in which applied mathematicians are needed, as provided by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, SIAM. The list includes Systems Biology,

Data Mining and Data Privacy, Materials Science, Computer Animation and Digital Imaging, Finance and Economics, Ecology, Epidemiology, and Climatology. Job prospects for applied mathematicians are good. As noted by the Mathematical Association of America, the top 10 Best Jobs of 2016, as compiled by, include a Data Scientist, Statistician, Information Security Analyst, and Mathematician, and these 4 jobs fit under the broad applied mathematics umbrella. Additionally, the top 10 list includes a Software Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, and Actuary, for each of which a solid applied mathematical background is helpful, and a few medical field jobs.

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