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Bachelor in Mathematics

1, USA

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Sep 2024

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Bachelor in Mathematics is a rich, engaging field with powerful applications to other subjects and modern open questions. Mathematics is not just a body of knowledge but a process of analysis, reasoning, comparison, deduction, generalization, and problem-solving. Mathematicians are trained in the ability to solve complex problems and to explain the solutions to others. Solving these problems requires creativity that involves analyzing both concrete and abstract situations, relating them to mathematical ideas and models, and applying mathematical techniques to discover solutions and build relevant models.

The mathematics curriculum at Lewis University will develop students' understanding of theoretical and applied mathematics, which will train them to become competent and creative problem-solvers, theorists, and critical analysts. Over 85% of our mathematics major courses are taught by faculty with terminal degrees.

To support the broad academic and professional goals of our majors, we offer a wide variety of courses in both pure and applied mathematics including mathematical modeling, advanced statistics, numerical analysis, probability theory, complex analysis, and more.

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