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LCI Barcelona Study Abroad

LCI Barcelona Study Abroad

LCI Barcelona Study Abroad


The World is Your Classroom!

LCI Education Global Experiences

We offer fantastic Education Abroad destination experiences for university students, faculty-led programs, professional development, and extension students from various academic disciplines. LCI Barcelona, HEM Business School Morocco & LCI Barcelona Study Abroad Costa Rica programs develop intercultural dexterity and competencies based on our focus on sustainability, Circular Economy, creative industries/Orange Economy, visual arts, design, environmental studies, innovation, international business, entrepreneurship, languages, and global affairs.

  • Interdisciplinary courses that impact our global community.
  • Competencies & project-based, experiential teaching/learning courses in small groups.
  • An educational network with 24 campuses worldwide and more Study Abroad destinations to come soon!

Explore our Barcelona Study Abroad programs

LCI Barcelona Study Abroad is committed to a dynamic educational platform connected to entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative industries' social, cultural, and economic context. Our Study Abroad courses and programs develop human creativity and potential through a hands-on, collaborative, and sustainable mindset.

Our Learning Model

LCI Barcelona offers a panoramic and integral vision of the creative world: fashion, graphic design, interior design, industrial product design, photography, Spanish society, communications, and management of innovative companies. Students will learn trends and creative skills to enhance their resumes and help them engage in new social, cultural, and economic contexts regarding the relationship between the people and their spaces. Learning Spanish as a Second Language will also give access to business opportunities with 20 countries worldwide and the large Spanish-speaking population in the U.S.

LCI Barcelona is the most international school of design and visual arts in the Catalan capital thanks to the 23 campuses spread across the 5 continents of the Canadian network LCI Education, to which it belongs. Born in 2013 after the association between LCI Education and the Felicidad Duce Fashion School, LCI Barcelona is a benchmark in the field of training in design, animation, photography, and management of creative industries, and year after year, it attracts students from all over the world. world who want to become competitive professionals.

The academic offer at LCI Barcelona is very broad and includes:

  • Degrees in Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Animation, Video Game Design, Photography and Fashion Communication
  • Higher Level Training Cycles (CFGS)
  • Official, Co-titled, and Own Master's Degrees and Postgraduate Degrees
  • Specialization courses
  • Pattern Programs
  • Summer courses


At LCI Barcelona we train design and visual arts professionals recognized for their excellence and global vision. To achieve this, we have a wide range of programs that include degrees, CFGS, official master's and postgraduate degrees, co-titled and owned, online courses, specialization courses, pattern-making programs, and summer courses.

Independent Student Sign-Up

Create an account as an independent student:

If you are an independent student and your institution does not have an affiliation agreement with LCI Education Study Abroad (Costa Rica & Barcelona), you can fill out your registration through this venue. Please double-check with your institution to ensure they don't already have a PARTNER CODE before filling out all forms.

Partner Student Sign-Up

Create an account here if your institution or your program has a code:

If you are a PARTNER STUDENT it means that your institution does have an affiliation agreement with LCI Education Study Abroad (Costa Rica & Barcelona). They will give you the specific PARTNER CODE for you to use below and fill out your registration through this venue. Ask your International Office if they have a PARTNER CODE before filling out all forms. Once you have registered with the code, let them know so they can advance with your enrollment.

Why study at LCI Barcelona Study Abroad

Training at LCI Barcelona offers students the possibility of maximizing their talent and creative capacity to begin to meet their goals and achieve what they set out to do. All the programs taught pursue the same objective: to provide a quality education that guarantees the empowerment of the student through theoretical and practical knowledge and opens the doors to the world of work with a guarantee of success.

Have not you decided yet? Discover the seven reasons to choose LCI Barcelona:

  • Internationality
  • Linkage with the World of Work
  • A Large Number of Opportunities
  • Teachers with Professional Experience
  • Briefcase
  • Learning by Doing
  • Values

Campus Life & Facilities

We have partnered with residences to offer suitable accommodation in Barcelona for different needs and preferences. The residences are in convenient locations within a 10 to 15-minute transit ride.

Logistics Support

  • We can arrange an airport pickup service
  • Site visits and campus tours
  • Housing coordination support
  • Recreational and educational excursions
  • Extracurricular activities and events

Student Residences

Staying in Residential complexes or residence buildings integrates the fun of being around local students, international students, visiting faculty, and more.

Residences have many optional services:

  • The primary residence we have partnered with includes once-a-month room cleaning and the possibility of contracting additional days
  • Residences offer studying and coworking spaces
  • All residences have laundry machines for you to do your laundry
  • There are good-sized common kitchen areas and cubicles to store food. Our Residence fee covers breakfast and dinner; you may purchase lunch service separately
  • Residences have 24/7 security. They all have workout facilities and other amenities
  • Rooms are double occupancy


  • Barcelona

    Carrer de Balmes, 209, 08006, Barcelona