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King's College - Pennsylvania, USA Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
King's College - Pennsylvania, USA

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Wilkes-Barre, USA

4 Years


Full time

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USD 41,600 / per year **


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** full time tuition 2022-2023


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The aim of the Mathematics Department is to provide students with a sound background in both pure and applied Mathematics while inculcating respect for objective reasoning, clear ideas, and precise expression (elements which truly characterize a liberal arts education). Our goal is to make students sophisticated in the way they think and in the way they approach problems. This heightened sophistication should extend beyond the boundaries of Mathematics into other areas.

The Mathematics Department provides 1) a thorough undergraduate training in Mathematics for those desiring Mathematical careers in education, research, industry, and government, and 2) courses for those who wish to follow a limited programming Mathematics.

The student majoring in Mathematics receives a Bachelor of Arts degree. Double major and major-minor options are available to students in conjunction with chemistry, computers and information systems, computer science, biology, economics, and other disciplines. Interested students should consult with the department chairperson for specific information.

Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Compatible Majors and Minors

  • Computer science
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Physics (minor)
  • Secondary education

Special Features

  • Small math classes
  • Easy access to computers
  • Major course sequence designed to steadily increase student sophistication
  • Mathematics department facilities include access to a modern state-of-the-art computer laboratory and a student learning room.


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