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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Bachelor's Degree in eSports Business
Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor's Degree in eSports Business

Kajaani, Finland

7 Semesters


Full time

22 Jan 2025

19 Aug 2025

EUR 6,000 / per year *


* Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens. Scholarship available. There is no tuition fee for EU/EEA citizens


Advance to the next level - learn to master managing and planning Esports as a business enterprise by taking the Bachelor's Degree in Esports Business!

Be at the front line of the rapidly growing industry! Are you a player but want to deepen your expertise in esports? Do you have what it takes to become a coach? We have all the necessary tools to make you an esports expert in business, coaching, and gaming!

The Bachelor’s of Esports Business is not a player training course and therefore is not focused on improving the students in-game ability but rather provides attendees with an all-encompassing curriculum focused on the various career opportunities available in the esports landscape, primarily focusing on business operations, digital marketing, and event management. You will receive the same core fundamental business knowledge as those within traditional business degrees, but through the lens of esports and utilizing topical industry case studies. Examples of additional courses include individual coaching, contract law, and esports service design.


Kajaani University of Applied Sciences promotes an individualized approach to education, providing its student base with a one-on-one environment where they can develop relationships with both lecturers and peers. Our facilities' small-town environment allows us to create individualized educational paths that are custom-fitted to students’ future career desires. In the Bachelor's Degree in Esports Business, you will specialize in Event Management. However, at KAMK, the School of Business includes degrees in Tourism, Business, and Sports allowing you to select courses and modules from other fields as well.

The program will include not only field trips to explore Esports events, but students will also have the opportunity to plan and execute esports events locally. There are esports-related activities in KAMK and in the Kainuu area that can be tied to studies and gives the student a more practical vision of organizing esports events.

Entrance exams

The entrance exam may consist of a written part (essay, multiple-choice questions, a section measuring mathematical/logical thinking) and an interview. The essay and the interview are combined in the entrance examination as an integrated section measuring English language proficiency.

The examination assesses study and teamwork skills, verbal and written expression skills as well as mathematical/logical reasoning skills.

The ability to communicate fluently in English, both speaking and writing, is a prerequisite for admission. Therefore, applicants must pass all parts of the exam in order to be selected for admission. Applicants scoring below the minimum points of any of the sections will fail the exam. The section testing English language proficiency will be entered into the system with a pass/fail grade.



Join application for studies starting in autumn 2023 is on 4 - 18 January 2023.

Submit your application online through the joint application system at Studyinfo during the application period.

The application period for studies starting in autumn 2023 will be arranged 4 to 18 January 2023. Please note, the application period ends at 3 PM the Finnish local time on 18 January 2023.


As a professional in Esports Business, you can be working for example with developing and managing partnerships and business collaborations (such as advertising, marketing, sponsorship to name a few). Your tasks may also include identifying new products or distribution opportunities, negotiating agreements, sourcing sponsors, or do market analyzing, research, or financial modeling to help to make the business decisions. Depending on the area of your specialization, you can also coach players and team members or start your own business.

Graduates with a business degree will be able to apply for a variety of employment positions, from entrepreneurship to working in management roles, project planning and development roles, and sales and marketing positions, all within both the private and public sectors.


Tuition fee

The tuition fee at KAMK is 6 000 euros per academic year. The students, who accept their study place and pay their tuition fee within 14 days from the notice of admission, get a 50% discount off the tuition fee as an Early Bird scholarship. Later on in the studies, the scholarship rewards for study progress, ie. the students who complete a minimum of 55 credits per academic year, get a 50% discount on the tuition fee. In addition, KAMK offers an additional scholarship for those, who pass a national language test in Finnish during their studies. This scholarship is available once during the studies and offers the students the possibility to study a year for free - providing that they get both scholarships (55 credits + Finnish language) the same year.

The scholarships are always used directly to reduce the tuition fee. Scholarships are available by application only. The first year fee is paid when accepting the study place, and later on, it is paid in May yearly. The scholarship applies only to tuition-fee-paying students.

In addition to the tuition fee, the students must pay for their study materials and for their own living costs. The average monthly living expenses for a student living in Finland are approximately 700 – 900 euros. This may vary depending on personal circumstances. When applying for a residence permit in Finland, non-EU/EEA nationals need to demonstrate that they have at least 560 euros per month at their disposal – in addition to the tuition fee.


Lutfil, Esports Business

"I asked myself what I am really passionate about. I applied to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences because of the unique program in E-sports business."

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