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JMC Academy Bachelor of Contemporary Music Performance
JMC Academy

Bachelor of Contemporary Music Performance

2 Years


Full time

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Jun 2024

USD 79,200 *


* per trimester for international students | $9,000 per trimester for domestic students


Standing center stage, crowd roaring, bass pumping, the lights come up… Making it as a musician doesn’t have to be a fantasy – make it your reality...

Contemporary Music Performance at JMC is about more than just nailing your performance. It is about creating an understanding of how to arrange and compose music, mastering the tech you will use in the industry, and promoting yourself to be heard, loud, and proud.

This course will give you the skills you need to stand out in this highly competitive space, and the opportunity to put your skills into practice and showcase your talent at multiple performance venues and events throughout your time at JMC.

Evolve your writing, technology, and performance skills with a Bachelor's degree. Write and perform the music for an app, or the soundtrack to a film, and collaborate with JMC students on industry projects while building a creative network you can rely on throughout your career.

Learn about the business aspects of contemporary music and how to identify professional opportunities. Master multi-platform performance skills, mixing techniques and recording, produce and arrange for ensembles while expanding your repertoire; and undertake a specialist project that will see you performing a major gig to a live audience.

In only 2 years you can graduate with a Bachelor's degree thanks to our accelerated full-time course. Part-time study is also available to domestic students. International students may choose to complete the course in 3 years rather than the accelerated 2 year option.



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