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James Madison University B.S. in Anthropology
James Madison University

B.S. in Anthropology

Harrisonburg, USA

4 Years


Full time

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USD 6,434 / per semester **


* regular admission | November 1st, 2022: early admission

** in-state tuition fee | $15,076: out-of-state tuition fee. Additional fees may apply


Anthropology is the documenting of the diverse ways humans live.

At JMU, anthropology majors review many different factors to uncover the answers to these deep questions. The examination of artifacts, beliefs, and values helps anthropologists to obtain specific clues about human life. In order to gather information about beliefs and values, anthropologists often work directly with the people who they are studying.

This fascinating, hands-on field offers a lifetime of learning experiences and remarkably flexible career options.

The anthropology program at JMU is designed to introduce students to the breadth of the discipline illustrating the topics and issues of the modern world that are addressed by its four sub-fields: cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archeology, and linguistics. Building from a general program, students can choose to concentrate in the theory and practice of any of the subfields except linguistics.

The program is strongly practice-oriented and encourages students to participate in internships, field schools, independent studies, and special topics that allow them to broaden their anthropological awareness. All of the faculty are actively involved in significant research within their chosen areas of study. This scholarship is not only reflected in courses that are current and informed by practical experience, but also in a wide range of opportunities for students to be mentored by faculty in collaborative research projects.



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