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IU International University of Applied Sciences – A levels

IU International University of Applied Sciences – A levels

IU International University of Applied Sciences – A levels


Life got in the way of you finishing high school?

Succeed with IU!

At IU International University of Applied Sciences, it is their mission to create an inclusive and accessible education. Believing that a higher secondary school certificate should not be an obstacle standing between students and their dream career, they have created a new option: becoming a registered online Cambridge International School.

IU has partnered with Cambridge Assessment International Education, to offer the first online A-Levels Courses. You can work on bridging your skill and knowledge and on getting your Bachelor's degree with IU – at the same time!

About IU

With over 100,000 students from more than 153 countries, IU International University of Applied Sciences is Germany’s largest university. They offer state-accredited, top-quality Bachelor, Master and MBA degree programmes taught in English – with a whole new approach.

IU’s programmes are designed with the busy professional in mind: they provide a new level of flexibility so you can balance studies and work, life, or family. Rated 5 stars on QS, their online degree programmes make it possible for you to earn a German degree from anywhere in the world, full-time or part-time.

With their fully integrated digital platform and innovative learning tools which incorporate AI technology such as ChatGPT and Syntea, you can tailor your learning journey to your own needs and schedule. That’s why 96% of their students recommend studying at IU.

Why IU?


  • Enjoy discounts on online studies tuitions fees
  • Flexible payment options: Monthly instalments or pay in full, upfront
  • All-inclusive fees: Course materials included, no application fees


  • Start online right away with no fixed semester intakes
  • Study and take exams 100% online, at your own pace and schedule
  • 24/7 access to IU’s digital learning materials, wherever you are


  • IU offers degrees in in-demand fields, with specialisations
  • Courses combine theory and practical application through real-world case studies
  • Learn from industry professionals who are experts in their fields


  • All programmes are accredited according to German and EU standards in education
  • IU degrees are recognised worldwide and can be converted to overseas equivalents for work or further studies - WES (Canada & US)
  • IU’s global academic partnerships provide opportunities to study abroad at partner universities
  • UCLA Extension, Cambridge Online International School, Study Abroad Alliance (US, Australia, Canada, Europe)

Get support every step of the way

  • Reach out to fellow classmates, professors or study advisors if you have questions or need advice IU’s AI-driven teaching assistant helps you prepare for exams, find materials in the virtual library, and clarify questions
  • Go through course content, check your progress and ask questions in IU’s monthly 120-minute Intense Live Sessions with tutors and peers
  • Online career services: Job and internship opportunities, company and networking events, career and interview coaching


Here is how it works:

1. Choose Your IU Degree

Pick the online Bachelor's degree you want to study, from programs in the fields of data IT, business & management, health and social care, or psychology.

2. Apply Online at

It takes just 5 minutes to fill out your application through the form at the bottom of this page, upload the required documents, and start your admission process.

3. Document Assessment

IU's admissions team will check your documents, and if you are eligible for the A-Level Courses, you will be notified.

4. Sign and upload your Contract

If you approve of the offer, a study contract will be sent to you. Sign and upload it with the click of a button – and that’s it, you are ready to go!

Study Type:

  • Online, start anytime

All courses are in English!

To help get you started in today's job market, the Bachelor's degree you choose is matched with either a Tech Track or a Business Track, to ensure your skills fit your degree requirements.

Visa Requirements

• Students planning to perform all of their studies online via the IU virtual campus, do not need to obtain a residence permit – regardless of their citizenship.

Scholarships and Funding

Change your future with IU - apply and save up to 50%!

IU is committed to making high-quality education accessible to all, no matter your circumstances. You have the chance to get up to 50% off your tuition fee for online studies!

Their lectures are flexible, allowing you to maintain a work-life balance, and connect with others while studying from anywhere.

Enroll today or inquire for more details – your journey starts with IU!

Free Upcoming IU Webinars

Discover the IU experience firsthand! IU's knowledgeable academic advisors will provide insights into the programs, study guidance, and more. Don't miss the live Q&A session to get your questions answered.


Accreditations, Rankings, and Memberships


IU International University of Applied Sciences has received system accreditation from EQAR, FIBAA, the German Accreditation Council, the German Council of Science and Humanities, and WES Canada. This means their courses, faculty and teaching material all match the rigorous standards that have been set for them and they can now accredit their own programmes.

Cambridge Assessment International Education / High School Diploma A-Levels

IU is the first online university partner of Cambridge International's high school diploma A-Levels. Students now have a chance to earn a high school diploma while studying for a bachelor’s degree – with no additional cost. The A-Levels is a unique 12-month course with a 150-hour workload, which you take alongside your bachelor courses. The A-Levels concludes with an exam that can be retaken an infinite number of times.

Awards and Rankings 

IU is the first German university to get 99/100 on the QS Stars Report, but they also topped 6 out of 25 categories in Germany’s largest university ranking by CHE. Recently IU’s online MBA programmes ranked 26th in Europe in the prestigious QS Online MBA Rankings, an impressive achievement and recognition on the international stage. 


IU is a member of the Business Graduate’s Association, Online Learning Consortium, AASCB, and UNESCO's Global Education Coalition. These memberships give them connections to other institutions, companies, and NGOs as well as top-tier degree programmes and lifelong learning development courses. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, IU helps students in need to continue their education and pursue lifelong learning.

Global Recognition and Academic Partners

Global Recognition 

As IU is recognised by WES Canada and U.S., their degrees can be converted into points according to local academic standards in the Canadian Immigration Point System and American Immigration Assessment Scheme. In April 2023, IU became the first German university to be a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), the only public authority in India that ascertains foreign institutions. This means that their on-campus programmes are recognised by employers across India and other Commonwealth Nations.

Academic Partners 

Through partnerships with academic institutions from all around the world, IU offers a more affordable way for students to study and live abroad. The IU Study Abroad Alliance lets students start a degree online at IU and complete it at a partner university in the US, UK, Canada, Australia or Europe, where career opportunities are aplenty.


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