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ISDE Law Business School Bachelor in Sports Management (Hons.) + Master
ISDE Law Business School

Bachelor in Sports Management (Hons.) + Master

Barcelona, Spain

4 Years


Full time

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Our curriculum addresses the specific needs of international sports organizations. Therefore, the program has been designed from the outset as a sports management degree, rather than a business degree with some attached sports modules. Learning in this sports-rich environment offers numerous opportunities for you to engage in CPD, volunteering, access a variety of sports networks, and undertake a placement with a local sports organization – alternatively, you may choose to complete your placement with an international partner.


Pioneering in Sport and Esports

The Sport Management Degree BSc (Hons) + Master Esports Business integrates a comprehensive education in sports management with a special focus on the emerging business of esports. The program covers everything from sports management and marketing to research and governance in sports, preparing students to lead in this dynamic sector.

Additionally, the master's program delves into esports, exploring aspects such as event management, marketing, finance, and legal regulations, equipping students for careers at the forefront of sport and esports.

Transform Your Passion into Profession: Lead in Sports and Esports

The Sport Management Degree BSc (Hons) + Master Esports Business is structured with a unique combination of theoretical and practical teaching, designed to cover all essential aspects of sports management and the esports business. This dual program integrates a carefully developed curriculum that includes fundamentals of sports management and marketing, as well as specific aspects of esports such as event production and talent management. Enrolling in this program provides the opportunity to gain a deep understanding and applicable skills in both fields, preparing students to lead in the global sports and esports industry.

It's for People Who...

Are passionate about sports and esports and want to combine their enthusiasm for these fields with a solid foundation in business management. Ideal for those looking to lead and innovate in the sports industry, providing the tools to excel in a global and constantly evolving market.

Who are Looking to...

Advance a career at the intersection of sports management and the emerging esports sector. Designed for those interested in leading in the realm of electronic sports, equipping them with specialized knowledge and management skills tailored to this dynamic market.

To Become...

Outstanding professionals in the sports and esports industry, combining roles in management, marketing, and strategic development. It's a springboard for those aspiring to be innovative leaders, esports experts, and strategists in sports organizations worldwide.


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