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Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana

Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana

Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana


Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana is an educational institution with 47 years of service in the entity of Baja California, teaches 16 Bachelor's degrees and 8 graduate programs founded on September 17, 1971.


Contribute to the integral training of leading professionals and researchers in innovation and technological development in the region, the country and the world; with a high sense of social responsibility, through a quality educational service, with equity and relevance.


To be a leading institution of technological higher education, scientific research and technological development in the Northwest Region of the Country, with national and international projection.

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  • Membership Pride of being part of the Institution, fully identified, convinced, and committed to the mission and vision of the technology.
  • Fulfill the functions and tasks, individually and in groups, with a sense of commitment and a focus on quality.
  • Integrity. Authenticity and congruence between our values and behavior.
  • Professionalism. Be ethical, respectful, competent and keep constantly updated.
  • Innovation. Encourage the creation and development of projects that lead to the achievement of the institutional vision.
  • Social Commitment Perform with a spirit of service and help, through technological education of the environment.
  • Maintain quality through the means necessary to achieve continuous improvement.

Work on the continuous improvement of procedures, processes, activities and resource management, with the purpose of providing maximum satisfaction.

A quality education is based on creating, innovating and looking for the most efficient way to perform daily tasks.

  • Be totally honest, straight and fair.
    Behave and express themselves honestly and transparently towards others, always putting the truth first, creating an environment of trust and progress within the technological community.
  • Recognize people's rights and refrain from offending or harming them.
    Recognize, appreciate and value my person, as well as others, respecting the limits of our actions, always seeking that they do not harm or disturb the tranquility of our surroundings.
  • Respect the opinions, ideas or attitudes of others, even if they do not match their own.
    Appreciate the diversity of personalities, cultures and physical variants that exist among human beings, know how to listen and accept others, this being essential for peaceful coexistence, essential to live in harmony in school, work and community.
  • Perform actions and activities in an outstanding way and exceeding our expectations.
    Recognize the outstanding qualities and unique talents of our technological community and support them in their professional development, so that their improvement benefits our society. Set clear goals that define the most important objectives as an Institution and seek personal and collective improvement.
  • Influence others, making them work enthusiastically, in achieving goals and objectives.
    Exercise and foster leadership based on a code of values as an integral human being in the family, social, labor and academic field, with discipline, loyalty, integrity, conviction, tenacity, congruence, credibility, sincerity, freedom and respect.
  • Reach the proposed and find solutions to the difficulties that may arise.
    Be constant in achieving your objectives and goals, facing challenges and overcoming difficulties with courage, without letting yourself be overcome, adapting to the circumstances, to achieve success.
    • Teamwork. Work together towards a common vision.
      Foster creativity, motivation and collective leadership, integrating efforts to achieve common goals and objectives; sharing the values and ethical principles that define us as an institution.
    • Dedication. Be firm in reaching a goal.
      Act with firmness and passion, dedicating time and effort necessary to carry out the relevant activities to achieve the objectives and goals set for individual and collective benefit.
  • Provide unconditional help to those who need it.
    Be attentive to the needs of the community, giving the best of themselves committed and selfless, joining efforts to achieve common goals, creating flexible and efficient support networks, which positively impact the development of society.
    • Gender equality. Equal development opportunities for men and women.
      Encourage the defense of equal opportunities for men and women in accordance with their own specific conditions, needs and characteristics, which guarantee respect for plurality and the right to access with justice and equality the use, control and benefit of the same assets and services of society.

Quality Policy

The Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana establishes the commitment to implement all its processes, orienting them towards the satisfaction of its clients based on the Quality of the Educational Process, to meet their requirements, through the effectiveness of a Quality Management System and continuous improvement , in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 / NMX-CC-9001-IMNC2008.

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