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ICU International Christian University Bachelor in Mathematics
ICU International Christian University

Bachelor in Mathematics

Mitaka, Japan

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Apr 2024

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The Mathematics major strives to develop strong critical thinking skills, essential to a liberal arts education, especially in the areas of logical and analytical thinking. It also aims to foster abilities to apply their learning to various fields through the systematic study of problem-solving processes and to cultivate a foundation suitable for further advanced studies.

In Mathematics, theorems are rigorously proved by mathematical deduction starting from clearly stated definitions. The beauty of mathematics can be seen in the way that essential and universal facts can be described in a concise and simple manner. Because of this, Mathematics is pure science but also a language for describing phenomena in the natural sciences and an indispensable analytical tool therein. Moreover, it is a means of exploring philosophical questions, and it supports all kinds of intellectual activities involving logical and analytical thinking. One culmination of the pursuit of pure mathematics is the affirmative answer to Fermat's Last Theorem, whose proof was found using the Modern Number Theory. The same Modern Number Theory also supports activities such as cryptography and digital encoding today.

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