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Hsing Wu University Bachelor Program in Popular Music
Hsing Wu University

Bachelor Program in Popular Music

101號, Taiwan

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English, Chinese

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Sep 2024

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Hsing Wu University is located at Linkou District, New Taipei City, Taiwan R.O.C.. It will take about 30 minutes to drive from Taoyuan International Airport and 35 minutes from the heart of the capital city – Taipei to get there. The Bachelor degree of Popular Music Program is offered by the college of Popular Arts, we do equip major students with different skills such as the study of Keyboard technology, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Jazz Drum, and Vocal.

We empower students to learn from the outstanding musicians, composers, music technologists and music educators from different education backgrounds and prepare them for the future. The program produced excellent works specifically with the rhythmic genre music and offers study program in performing rhythmic music at undergraduate level.

The courses related to career aspects —including performance, songwriting and arranging, recording studio efficiency, music production, and entrepreneurship — are also taught.

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