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Hanseo University, which opened in 1992 based on the founding ideologies of “creativity,” ‘belief,’ and ‘contribution,’ will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2022. Founding Hanseo University, I wanted to build a special university that no other university could imitate. As a result of doing our best for specialized education with the members of the university, we also earned the honor of being Korea's first specialized certified university (aviation field).

Hanseo University, ranked as one of the world's top 5 aviation specialized universities, has successfully implemented the 5th university mid-to-long-term development plan (2014~2018) based on this, and as a result, has emerged as a prestigious university specialized in the fields of aviation, art design, and health. The safety experience education using Taean Campus' aviation and marine education infrastructure and the excellence of specialized education in the marine and fisheries sectors have been evaluated as unrivaled.

Hanseo University established the Faculty of Aviation Convergence in 2017, which will serve as the basis for fostering creative and convergent talents in the field of airport infrastructure construction, operation and management. The key manpower of the airport industry that creatively builds the road to the world, the aviation industry and the gateway to the world, has their grand dream at'Han's International College of Aviation (HICA)' consisting of the Faculty of Aviation and the Faculty of Aviation Convergence. Realization.

The reason why Hanseo University was able to make a leap forward despite its not long history is probably because of the encouragement and interest of many people who love our university. Hanseo University will serve as a stepping stone for young people to realize their big dreams of changing the world through specialized education at a different level. We will not neglect to nurture “volunteer talents” who contribute to the local community and the international community. With the region, with the world, please keep an eye on Hanseo University as it emerges as a specialized prestigious university.


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