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Hampton University Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security
Hampton University

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security

Hampton, USA

4 Years


Full time

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The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security Program ensures that students completing the curriculum from the proposed program will: 1) acquire knowledge about cyber security concepts, theories, and strategies relevant to real-world case studies relating to cybercrimes; 2) learn the basics of computer forensics; 3) become competent in detecting, assessing, and analyzing cyber threats and cyber vulnerabilities; 4) become knowledgeable about issues related to cyber defense, national security and intelligence, cyber intelligence, and the protection of critical infrastructures; 5) understand the nature and the profile of the cyber criminals and cyber gangs; and 6) comprehend the global reach and expansion of the virtual world and the contemporary politics of cyber wars.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Cybersecurity is jointly offered by the Department of Sociology and the Department of Computer Science. It has two separate tracks. One track is provided in the Department of Sociology. This track is focused on cybersecurity education and training related mainly to Homeland, Defense, and National Security. The other track is offered by the Department of Computer Science. This track is focused on Systems Security, Management, and Certification. All students enrolled in B.S. in Cyber Security (Criminal Justice Track), will have to complete 120 credit hours of work at Hampton University. Out of 120 credit hours of work, 30 credit hours will comprise the core courses required for the B.S. in Cybersecurity, 30 credit hours for the specialized track in criminal justice, 9 credit hours for criminal justice/cybersecurity open electives, 39 credit hours for core requirements in General Education (GE), and 18 credit hours for GE open electives.

Recommended Minors

Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Business, and Management

Study Abroad Opportunities

Each year students in the Department of Sociology, along with students from other departments, are provided the opportunity to participate in a faculty-led study abroad trip. Professor Idonia Barrett has coordinated numerous trips to exciting places around the world through EF College Study Tours. Over the years, Professor Barrett has taken students to Cuba, London, Paris, and Amsterdam. Students are immersed in the local culture whereby daily they interact with citizens of that particular country for approximately nine days. The purpose of the study-abroad trips is to expose students to different world cultures, legal systems, and social & human organizations.


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