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Graceland University Bachelor of Arts in Digital Content Creation
Graceland University

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Content Creation

Lamoni, USA

4 Years


Full time

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USD 19,950 / per year *


* tuition 2024-25


At the Forefront of Modern Digital Marketing

As a digital content creator, you can be at the forefront of modern digital marketing. The digital media landscape is rapidly and constantly changing. As a professional content creator, you will need more than just the ability to produce a single type of content; you will have to understand the how and why of using a variety of media platforms together and then having the skills to produce compelling content across the entire range of digital media ranging from video and podcasts to social media, email, and websites.

A degree in digital content creation can open the door to a variety of career opportunities in marketing and communications such as digital content creator, social media manager, digital marketing specialist, video editor, graphic designer, and more. Furthermore, the field is not restricted to a particular location, and one can often work remotely as well.

Why Graceland

  • Students in this program receive hands-on internship and work-study opportunities through the university Marketing department and Integrated Student Media Center.
  • Students will be exposed to audience-centered and future-oriented design principles
  • Classroom work and discussions are connected to real-world contexts in both the social and business arenas.
  • Integrated into the coursework, students will further develop their own digital citizenship through creative, imaginative, and ethical thinking and storytelling that helps address social problems and opportunities.
"Since the pandemic hit, the number one demand I have for my companies is people that can take the concept of the business and tell a story about it. Produce a video, do really rich photography, and build out 59 seconds, 39-second, 29-second videos, and 14-second videos, to plaster all over social media to sell products direct to customers."

Kevin O'Leary, Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Television Personality


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