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Gobelins Paris


Ranked as the world's leading school for animation, GOBELINS Paris offers a complete curriculum from Bachelor to Master of Arts, an English-language program and a French-language program with a double degree, as well as a one-year preparatory program.

GOBELINS Paris also offers programmes in all image-related fields, from design to production in all its forms (still, animated, interactive, 3D), and from 4.0 printing to Virtual Reality.

In September 2023, a brand-new professional Bachelor certification in Motion Design (1 year) will open at GOBELINS Paris. This course gives students the opportunity to expand their skills in the increasingly sought-after field of Motion Design.

The discipline enables to design and produce content for mobile devices or for any new communication medium and to organise messages conveying the 3 components of Motion Design: animated picture, moving typography, and sound design (in videos, teasers…)


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    Boulevard Saint-Marcel,73, 75013, Paris