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Gettysburg College Major Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Gettysburg College

Major Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Gettysburg, USA

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Sep 2024

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Molecular Genetics

Study of the basic mechanisms of information storage and retrieval from DNA and RNA. Topics include genome organization and the regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; DNA replication and repair; molecular genetics of cancer and human-inherited disorders; and recombinant DNA technology. Three class hours and laboratory. Capstone course. Prerequisite: Bio 211 and 212.

CSalty and Fatty

Combined upper-level chemistry and physics lab designed to emphasize the use of tools in these disciplines to answer questions in biology. This course concentrates on the role of lipids (fats) and ions (salt) in biology. Utilizing multiple biochemical and biophysical techniques, students will perform multiple experiments to ultimately answer a complex biological problem.

Drugs and Cells

Combined upper-level biology/chemistry/health sciences laboratory where students design and synthesize organic compounds and determine the impact of structural modifications on these compounds’ biological activity. The semester is divided into two parts: the synthesis, isolation, and characterization of a derivative of a known, biologically active organic compound; and the assessment of its effect on cellular biology in vitro.

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