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Europejska Uczelnia w Warszawie

Europejska Uczelnia w Warszawie

Europejska Uczelnia w Warszawie


The university implements a modern curriculum focused on the practical preparation of graduates to work in the profession in the country and abroad. We paid special attention to the student-friendly way of implementing the curriculum of subjects that students of other universities find difficult! As part of the specialization, we have introduced many practice-oriented subjects. We have developed them in order to increase the professional value of the graduate.

We have been involved in higher education for many years. We implement our own, proprietary curricula that prepare our graduates to perform well-paid jobs in Poland and abroad. We also operate in a virtualized manner. We use modern media for teaching: the Internet and other telematic means - just like modern enterprises. We offer students advanced IT infrastructure (servers with software) accessible via the Internet and modern computer laboratories.


  • Warsaw

    Modlińska,51, 03-199, Warsaw