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East Central University Bachelor of Science for Molecular Biology
East Central University

Bachelor of Science for Molecular Biology

Ada, USA

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Sep 2024

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The Department of Biology offers majors in four bachelor's degree concentrations. A Bachelor of Science is designed for students who plan to become practicing biologists in industry or government, or plan to pursue a graduate degree in biology. This degree concentration is usually chosen by those students who need pre-professional training before entering the schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or other health-related professional schools. A Bachelor of Science for Teacher Certification gives a prospective science teacher an appropriate academic background in biology and in the methods of teaching. The Bachelor of Science for Molecular Biology prepares students for graduate research, medical school and admission exams, and/or employment in the rapidly growing fields of biotechnology, agribusiness, industry, law enforcement, and molecular biology.

A Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science prepares students to conduct and supervise complex medical tests, clinical trials, and research experiments; manage clinical laboratories; and consult with physicians and clinical researchers on diagnoses, disease causation and spread, and research outcomes. This degree concentration requires three years of prescribed study on campus followed by a year of clinical training in an approved hospital School of Clinical Laboratory Science.

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