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Diploma University of Applied Sciences Bachelor of Arts Media & Media Management
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Bachelor of Arts Media & Media Management

6 Semesters


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With the distance study "media economy and media management" (technical study consultation after consultation: [email protected]) the DIPLOMA university created a study concept, which meets the requirements of media creators and media users alike: The combination of business administration, sociology and journalism makes the graduates of the Studied media allrounders who are in great demand by media companies in the online, print, radio and TV and film industries.

The workshop with a visit to the Deutschlandradio with radio workshop and the multimedia workshop in the Council of Europe (Strasbourg):

The state-approved Bachelor's degree program "Media Management and Media Management" can be completed in three versions: as a distance learning course at all nationwide study centers, as distance learning online or as a classroom study at the campus in Bad Sooden-Allendorf.

The duration of the study course is 7 semesters in distance learning and 6 semesters in classroom study. However, it can be extended by up to four semesters free of charge, so that the study eg beside the occupation or beside other obligations, such as child rearing, care close Relatives etc. can be completed. The lectures of both types of study take place at the location of the chosen study center or can be taken as virtual distance learning with interactive online lectures and exams at the study centers.

The academic degree "Bachelor of Arts (BA) Media Management & Media Management" entitles you to a subsequent master's degree, for example the consecutive Master of Arts (MA) in Business and Law - focus on management at DIPLOMA. If you have a job, you can also complete a master's degree, for example the MBA at the DIPLOMA University.

Journalism, media sociology & media economy in one course

With its three pillars of Business Administration, Journalism and Sociology, the study "Media Management and Media Management" creates a novelty in all study variants and provides a sound basis for all three of the above mentioned subject areas. The business administration events include aspects from the special media operations theory. During the course of the study, practical journalistic projects and media concepts in various media genres are also available. Special importance is attached to interdisciplinary competences such as planning, strategic and analytical thinking, entrepreneurial activity, interdisciplinary communication, teamwork and reflection on professional ethics.

In the last academic year, further specialist knowledge is deepened in one of the elective modules: media economics, media sociology (focus on corporate communications) or journalism . With this, graduates specialize according to their personal preferences.

The study "Media Management and Media Management" prepares for the manifold conceptual, creative and strategic tasks in media companies. Media production, media theories, peculiarities and business models of media sub-sectors are taken into consideration. This knowledge enables us to develop media concepts that are appropriate for the target group in terms of economic viability. The students also learn to adapt to the new framework conditions that change in an increasingly multicultural and multimedia world brings.

International aspects are dealt with in the field of intercultural media communication and study contents with English-language content. During their studies in " Media Management and Media Management " students have to compose and present written papers in English in some subjects.

Career prospects after the distance learning media management

Fields of activity for graduates of the DIPLOMA degree program "Media Management and Media Management" can be found in the media themselves and where media and business meet. Graduates work in public and private media houses, in print, internet and other electronic media markets, as well as the games industry and the app segment, as well as PR and marketing consultants in communications agencies, associations, industrial and service companies or in companies who are active in education.

For example, media managers are responsible for estimating the cost-benefit ratio of media projects, marketing media content, controlling project budgets, directing productions or purchasing media products, and are also used in the licensing space.

Graduates of the study program "Media Economics and Media Management" have very good job prospects in the German job market and abroad: Trade publications rate the mood in various media sectors and in combination with the entertainment industry and the digital sector as positive in the long term.

Normal period

Distance learning: 7 semesters / 180 ECTS

The actual study period can be extended free of charge for up to 4 semesters over the standard period of study.


With sufficient number of participants in the winter semester (October) and summer semester (April).


Accreditation of the degree program by the accreditation agency AHPGS.

tuition fee

Distance learning: € 247.00 / month (total € 11,039.00 plus one-time examination fee of € 665.00)

study form

Attendance study or distance learning. The distance learning course takes place alternating between self-study with study books and full-day Saturday seminars (about 12 Saturdays per semester) at one of our numerous nationwide study centers or online in the "virtual lecture hall" of the DIPLOMA Online Campus.

admission requirements

General university entrance qualification, Fachhochschulreife, passed master's examination or according to the regulation on access to higher education in the state of Hesse, ie either completion of a career development training of at least 400 hours, a technical school or a vocational or administrative academy or final examination in a state-recognized training occupation followed by at least 2 years of employment and a separate university entrance examination.

For further information on special qualifications, please contact DIPLOMA Hochschule. Applicants who do not meet the requirements mentioned above may initially attend the course as guest auditors if the access authorization is within a max. 2 semesters is achieved.

For foreign degrees, equivalence for admission must be demonstrated.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Media Business Management)

Graduates receive a bachelor's degree and diploma as well as a Diploma Supplement written in English and a transcript of records, which identify them internationally as academics with a bachelor's degree.

Major fields of study


Major events within the Bachelor's degree in Media Management & Management (BA):

1. Media Design:

The students get to know media design as part of the media design. They acquire knowledge in the architecture of media communication by acquiring both artistic and technical skills and managing design and production processes in both areas. As a main working tool, you will learn about the PC / laptop with graphics, layout, image, moving image and sound editing software. With their focus on the media genres print and internet, they are as well suited to hardware and software skills as aesthetic and design skills. Within a print product, they demonstrate the usability of the acquired knowledge and skills.

2. Journalistic forms of presentation:

Students know that the definition, function and definition of journalistic forms of presentation are not fixed variables but depend on many things: the state of the art, the possibilities of the medium conveying the message, and not least of historical, social and political conditions , You get to know these dependencies and apply them reflexively. They can differentiate between forms of reporting, opinion and fantasy representations and prepare a journalistic event independently within a form of presentation. In close connection with the modules "media design" and "special journalism", they create a journalistic text that reflects their performance after the event has been completed.

3. Special journalism:

With their focus on the media genres Print and Online, the students know the current state of media linguistic journalism. They develop a basic understanding of the German language and its scientific criteria, ranging from syntactic over morphological and orthographic to stylistic aspects. On the one hand they know basic special journalistic terms ("author", "media text", "intertextuality", etc.), on the other hand the most important linguistic phenomena in today's German-language mass media. You can describe these phenomena by means of up-to-date sample material (oral and written form, media text types, standard language and dialects, etc.). They can also relate the language to other sign systems, especially images and graphics, and know the basic principles of hypertext.

media sociology

Major events within the Bachelor's degree in Media Management & Management (BA):

1. Ethics of the media:

Discursive discussions on the tasks of a media ethic in the digital age, ethical problems of the relationship "individual - medium - society" as well as an awareness of the basic characteristics of media.

On the basis of an intensive insight into issues of media ethics and their extensive discussion, methodological discussions on the foundations, tasks and processes of ethical judgment are carried out. The aim of the event is to reveal the connection of media, ethics and reality in everyday life, taking into account the concrete experiences of the students, so that the question of the responsible handling of media products can be made realistic (»Media ethics as applied ethics: Zur Organization of ethical decision-making processes «). The learning objective of the event is to implement the value discourse on the media into the self-image of professional acting of future media managers.

2. Media and Corporate Communications:

Imparting basics in the areas of media and communication theory, visual communication, forms of communication and interaction with new media, expert lay communication; Corporate communication - based on social psychology, media psychology and sociology, and media history.

Ausalt = "Building of communicative competence through rhetoric, presentation and moderation courses and deepening of rhetorical skills in practical exercises (role-plays): on marketing strategies, on addressee-specific text production, on the technical production of multimedia texts and on web design.

Within the framework of corporate communication, understanding and knowledge are promoted in the areas of: customer orientation; Marketing; Cooperation with local or regional businesses; Communicating location qualities; Corporate identity and corporate image; conscious design of a corporate culture; Employee communications; communicative mediation of the CIP of all production and marketing factors; Personal coaching of executives; Practice Feedalt = "back- and conversation techniques.

3. Special sociology of the media:

Knowledge and understanding of the highly reflective structures of media and their reference back to social processes, development of tools of sociological process analysis and elimination = building of competencies in the management of facilities and leadership of teams.

media industry

Major events within the Bachelor's degree in Media Management & Management (BA):

1. Media products and media production:

  • Media review
  • Typology of media products
  • Media in the information market

2. Media processes, production and strategies:

  • Contexts and tasks of media management
  • Media production: media management as editorial and production management
  • media strategies

3. Strategic and International Media Management:

  • Terminological Basic Terms and Fundamentals of Strategic Media Management
  • Strategic management in media companies
  • International Media Economics

The students have an in-depth and extensive overview of all the spectra of the media industry in Germany and in the context of the multimedia-based world of the gulf. They can acquire knowledge of media marketing and media management and media management from a product, production, resource, management and commercial perspective because they have developed a basic understanding of media-specific action and thinking in an economic and social way.

They use processes for media production just as efficiently as they are able to formulate and implement the respective media strategies. The students also learn strategic and international management for media products and media productions. Marketing and management concepts are being developed for internationally operating media companies and media professionals.

As part of media processes, the students also gain special knowledge in print and online in cooperation with international markets and are always up-to-date with the knowledge of new forms of communication in the media market: technology. Here you will learn about the use of new communication-policy elements as well as the complete range of Web 2.0 technology. You are able to create social media marketing concepts via twitter, xing, facebook, you tube and others.

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