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DigiPen Institute of Technology

DigiPen Institute of Technology

DigiPen Institute of Technology


DigiPen was founded by Claude Comair in 1988 in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a computer simulation and animation company. As the demand for work increased, Mr. Comair faced difficulty in finding qualified personnel who not only had a fundamental understanding of computer science but were versed in the latest digital technology as well. As such, DigiPen began offering a dedicated training program in 3D computer animation. Soon after, DigiPen partnered with Nintendo of America to establish a certification program in video gameprogramming.

As video games evolved from simple 2D graphics to sophisticated 3D worlds, the industry's need for qualified employees with advanced education in digital art, design, and software engineering continued to expand. Anticipating this growing need, DigiPen devised and began offering the world's first bachelor's degree program in video game development (the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation) that would prepare students for the unique challenges of creating professional 3D game and simulation software.

DigiPen relocated its campus to Redmond, Washington, in 1998 and opened its doors as DigiPen Institute ofTechnology.

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