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Cyprus University of Technology Bachelor in Shipping
Cyprus University of Technology

Bachelor in Shipping

Limassol, Cyprus

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The Maritime Department's curriculum focuses specifically on the Maritime sector, offering a purely Maritime-oriented degree. The study program in question is unique, innovative in terms of design, of high quality and the only one in a public University, giving the opportunity to Cypriot or Greek students to study in one of the largest and constantly evolving sectors of the Cypriot economy. The program is unique in its Sector and possibly at the European level as well, as it is designed to meet the needs of students, as well as employers of the domestic and foreign shipping industry, by offering innovative and well-designed courses exclusively related to shipping.

The program aims to develop students' ability to analyse, understand and evaluate various topics related to the operation of international maritime trade and shipping markets, capital management, maritime risk management and transport and supply chain management. The new Study Program combines the necessary analytical and synthetic skills with excellent scientific expertise. In addition, students acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge that is essential for a successful professional career in the dynamically growing maritime sector or even for higher-level studies and research, simultaneously acquiring through these learning processes, critical thinking and perception, but also administrative ability. Furthermore, in today's rapidly changing, technologically advanced environment, which must be based on the principles of sustainable development, through the program graduates will have the resources and environmental awareness to understand and recognize opportunities for improvement and recommend actions for sustainable development of the industry and to address the challenges facing the shipping sector.

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