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Cyprus University of Technology Bachelor in Integrated Marketing Communication
Cyprus University of Technology

Bachelor in Integrated Marketing Communication

Limassol, Cyprus

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The program’s overall objective is to help students acquire a set of knowledge and skills and practise innovative strategic thinking while at the same time developing practical know-how in the field of Integrated Marketing Communication that can be applied to local as well as to international businesses. Integrated Marketing Communication is regarded as the leading way for companies to promote and add value to their customers’ experience. The Programme integrates the communication strategy and creativity into an applied communication approach while educating students in public and consumer research and establishing communication strategies based on the intended audience’s desires, needs, expectations, and perceptions.

The specialization of “Advertising, Public Relations and Impression Communication” focuses on developing a modern, integrated marketing communication strategy. This specialization seeks to: a) provide students with the necessary skill set for finding employment in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations and assist them to develop appropriate professional and technical skills in the relevant positions. Graduates can work in companies and organizations such as Advertising Agencies, Marketing Department, Direct Marketing Companies, Public Relations and Mass Media (Radio, Television, Newspapers, Internet), b) provide graduates with all the essential skills to continue their scientific training in postgraduate programmes in Cyprus or abroad and to pursue a career in the academia. For achieving the objectives of the Department, the program deliberately focused on: (a) providing competitive education which will assist graduates to pursue professional careers, (b) excellence in research in particular fields of Marketing and Advertising, (c) creating and maintaining a network with multiple organizations, research institutions and businesses. The structure of “Advertising, Public Relations and Impression Communication” is designed to offer the knowledge of the principles of Advertising, Design and Selection of Mass Media, Advertising Campaign Development, understanding of marketing principles as applied to the offline, but also in the online environment and an introduction to the field of public relation. All students attend courses of Integrated Marketing Communication, Consumer Behavior and Research Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis) and Public Relations.

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