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CSUB California State University Bakersfield Bachelor of Arts in Geology
CSUB California State University Bakersfield

Bachelor of Arts in Geology

Bakersfield, USA

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Sep 2024

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Develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with a planet! The science of geology deals with the non-living (mostly) part of the planet. Our focus is on natural resources (oil, groundwater and minerals), earth history (fossils, climate change, mountain building) and earth processes (from volcanoes, earthquakes and glaciers to ancient sea beds, minerals and the earth's interior).

CSUB's geology program focuses heavily on the earth's crust...particularly sedimentary rocks and basins that are host to large accumulations of oil and groundwater. But our students study geology around the globe...from our local San Joaquin Basin and Sierra Nevada mountains to Iceland, Turkey and South Africa!

The Department of Geological Sciences provides an educational and professional research-based resource for the campus and community relevant to critical petroleum, mining, agricultural and environmental issues uniquely addressable by the study of the Earth. We provide an outstanding education for our majors in preparation for the diverse and ample career opportunities available to them and we provide the local community with a substantive expertise to help solve problems critical to the future development of the southern San Joaquin Valley and environs.

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