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Changshu Institute of Technology Chinese Language and Literature (Teacher)
Changshu Institute of Technology

Chinese Language and Literature (Teacher)

Suzhou, China

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Sep 2024

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This major is a first-class professional construction point in Jiangsu Province, a specialty of Jiangsu Province, and the discipline of Chinese Language and Literature it relies on is a key construction discipline in Jiangsu Province.

This major implements the party’s educational policy, adheres to the socialist philosophy of running a school and the educational purpose of the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor, and meets the needs of the reform and development of basic education in southern Jiangsu. It is based in southern Jiangsu, facing Jiangsu and radiating the whole country. The orientation of the training of application-oriented talents, the cultivation of high morality, physical and mental health, good humanities and scientific literacy, solid Chinese language and literature subjects and education and teaching knowledge, outstanding education and teaching ability and reflective evaluation ability, can be in middle school Excellent people teachers who are engaged in Chinese teaching and education with other educational institutions and other units.

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