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Universidad CEU - Cardenal Herrera Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development
Universidad CEU - Cardenal Herrera

Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development

Valencia, Spain

4 Years


Full time

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Official Degree: Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development
Duration / ECTS: 4 years / 240 ECTS
Places / Campus: 60 / Moncada - Alfara
Taught in: Spanish
Learning outcomes

That makes us different?

1. A grade to look behind things

Industrial design is the discipline that is responsible for creating and developing the equipment of the world that surrounds us. If you have a restless mind, if you have ever wondered why an object is that way, if you wonder who creates the things around you like your phone, your shoes, your bike or the chair where you are sitting, the answer is here. The industrial designer is in charge of conceiving and shaping the objects that surround the human being, from his car to the fork with which we eat every day.

2. The first University School of Design

The Industrial Design of the Valencian Community has a great national and international prestige. Our "School of Design" was the first to be a university and its long history has allowed us today to have alumni who are outstanding designers all over the world. Many of them work from Valencia creating designs that are sold in the five continents.

3. The professional approach

Our "School" is in close connection with companies as a form of professional springboard for students. And in our classrooms there is a curious mixture: we have very experienced teachers and others who are young alumni, and that is because good mixes give rise to new ideas.

4. The doors of employability

  • The plus in Professional Tools: during the degree you will study most of the subjects supported by computer tools of the profession. But not only will you finish the degree knowing how to handle them, you will also take the skills endorsed by means of certificates: Certificate in Product Design Tools (150 hours: Autocad, Rhinoceros3D, VRayRendering, Catia), Graphic Tools Certificate (90 hours: Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign) and Certificate in Tools for online design and communication (90 hours: Adobe Flash, Wordpress).
  • The Portfolio of Projects: we consider it essential that every student that comes to the market carries under his arm his own portfolio of projects, the results of the subjects of projects packaged in a single document that presents them in a much more complete way than a traditional curriculum. In this way the possibilities of obtaining a job multiply, giving a much more faithful image of their abilities and evidencing the high qualification of our students
  • "The portfolio, your definitive tool for accessing the labor market"

5. The international dimension

The training of our students seeks the full professional development of the designer, who must be prepared for the international market.

We also offer complementary training in English and Spanish from first to fourth to improve your level of communication in the international arena. Likewise, we offer opportunities to carry out national and international practices.

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