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CETT - Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy

CETT - Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy

CETT - Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy


CETT, the value of experience

CETT is the leading higher education school in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy, an affiliated center of the University of Barcelona. We have a true International vocation and our highly specialized team of professionals provide students with a model for knowledge creation and transfer, based on rigour, innovation and experience.

Over 50 years, CETT has become a hub that connects people and links academia with the business and public administration sectors. We are committed to those who live the learning process as an impulse for growth and as an opportunity to reach their life goals through interaction with the environment and others.

Our expertise and capability of making a difference in the sector, allows CETT students to live a unique learning experience which mirrors real life and enables them to face and anticipate new challenges and emerging trends. We make a firm commitment to our community, and we foster a constant spirit of transformation, and that is why CETT adds value in order to make our sector more professional and sustainable.

Reasons why to choose CETT


We are backed by 50 years of experience.


We bet on the student empowerment in the co-creation of projects, the interconnection beyond the classes and mentoring their experience in the workplace.

Leading facilities

The Campus has over 3,600 m2 fully equipped with the latest technology.

Expert lecturers

Courses are taught by professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

Academic Mobility and International Internships

We encourage national and international exchanges thanks to our network of partner companies.

International Environment

Over 550 international students from 53 countries study at CETT.


We put the best sector companies within your reach so that you can achieve your professional goals.

Mission Statement

Grup CETT’s mission is to provide training and transference of knowledge in the Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy, by means of our own training system. This method has as its basis:

  • A team of lecturers and professionals characterized by its academic rigour and experience.
  • The development of specialized knowledge in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy, through the contribution of expertise and research.
  • The learning and experience acquired through Grup CETT’s applied training companies.
  • Our close links with the people and companies of the Tourism industry.
  • A clear international vocation.
  • The students, characterized by distinctive traits of a solid training and the development of attitudinal skills.

We are a group of companies dedicated to training, as well as offering quality Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy services. The members of the group – the teaching staff, professionals and students – direct our efforts and work towards achieving an industry which is more attuned to society and people. We prize initiative, integrity and self-development, working as a team in an international context while fulfilling our commitments to our own country.

Our companies are characterized for their sustainability. Efficiency makes us more competitive, which guarantees our continuity, as the results can be reinvested into more training and the community.


We want to be an international reference for both academic excellence and services in Hospitality and Tourism, committed to the responsible development of both industry and society through the provision of training, research, innovation and expert knowledge, decisively committed to the personal and professional growth of all those who form part of our group.


Contributing to the development of the industry:

  • Maintaining the close and constant links between our business units and tourism development.
  • Providing dynamism, anticipation and ability to adapt to change, always backing innovation and entrepreneurial initiative.
  • Developing expert knowledge in tourism, encouraging the most important research and investigation for the industry.

Contributing to personal development:

  • Situating the person in the centre of our organization, encouraging professional growth and self-learning, connecting the development of the organization with that of the people who form part of it.
  • Directing the organization towards the client, through the maximum specialization of services, corporative sensitivity and the human touch in dealing with our clients, both external and internal.

Our identity:

  • Academic excellence: achieved through the maximum rigour and critical sense present both in the contents and teaching of our training schemes.
  • Our own training scheme: based on specialization in the tourist industry, training in professional values and the development of skills both in the classroom and in our applied training companies.
  • Independence: guaranteed by the fact of being a private centre, fully auto-financed, which nevertheless enjoys the recognition of the University of Barcelona, with which it collaborates actively.
  • Building our country: understanding respect for our language as a contribution to multiculturalism, as befits an organization with a clear international orientation.
  • Solidarity: of an organization with its own grant scheme, involved in international cooperation projects with developing countries.
  • Sustainability: incorporating respect for the environment in all the organization’s activities, through management systems that guarantee sustainability in our growth.
  • Building our school: understood as our firm commitment to implant our corporate principles and values into all our business units, making our identity an added value which is evident in the provision of our services.


  • Vocation of service: defines our motivation to know and satisfy the needs of our internal and external clients, providing quick and efficient responses to their questions and suggestions, anticipating those needs whenever possible and paying special attention to the human touch.
  • Integrity: in keeping with our ethical commitment and the honesty of our personal and professional conduct, with which we have to deal with every situation with the maximum responsibility, respect and transparency.
  • Commitment to training: showing the involvement and interest of all those who form part of the organization in participating as teachers, theoretical or practical, in our different training schemes, facing this challenge with enthusiasm and responsibility, as an opportunity to develop new skills.
  • Team work: involves our ability and willingness to encourage the maximum collaboration, communication and confidence among all who form part of the organization in order to generate synergies and attain common goals.
  • Initiative: shows our desire and ability to act dynamically and proactively, anticipating and contributing to change, accepting determinedly our active role in achieving the organization’s goals.
  • Ability for self-learning and self-development: defines the urge to broaden, individually, one’s knowledge and skills as well as the ability to incorporate everything learnt in current or future professional activities, generating new value and growth, both individually and collectively.


CETT Facts & Stats

    Campus Features

    The CETT Campus is located in the Horta neighbourhood of Barcelona. It is formed by the CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy, Hotel Alimara Barcelona and Àgora BCN International University Residence.

    The CETT building has a total of 6,720 m² between the Applied Technology Classrooms, Technical Classroom, Kitchens, Resource Centre, and staff, administration and services spaces. Classrooms offer resources to inspire creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of the student body.

    The configuration of the different spaces allows the implementation of class dynamics that inspire the skills of the students, teamwork, and the development of specialized knowledge. The lower levels, where the gastronomy classrooms are set up, has an English patio to improve the quality of the ventilation and illumination systems.

    You can check our Resource CentreApplied Technologies Classrooms and Technical Classrooms.


      Here you have listed the information regarding the access to the studies:

      Visa Requirements

      Non-European Countries: students are required to obtain a student visa before leaving their country, through the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate.

      European Countries: No student visa is required. If you are staying more than 6 months, you have to apply for your TIE.

      Scholarships and Funding

      The CETT Foundation has a long tradition of commitment to education, teaching, and research in the field of tourism. The main principles that define and guide its actions are:

      • Promote greater tourism knowledge
      • Drive Tourism Science by promoting research
      • Encourage the sustainable growth of tourism and hospitality
      • Strengthen the international presence of CETT
      • Maintain and increase relations with the tourism sector and CETT Alumni members
      • Help students to broaden their knowledge
      • Be socially responsible

      With these principles, the CETT Foundation has been able to harness the will and intentions of various entities to provide scholarships for the different types of training that the CETT Group offers each year.

      For more information regarding all the grants, please check the following link


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