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CESTE, Escuela Internacional de Negocios

CESTE, Escuela Internacional de Negocios

CESTE, Escuela Internacional de Negocios


At CESTE, Escuela Internacional de Negocios , we offer you a different training model. For university students: official degrees and master's degrees framed in the best educational model in the world: the British one. For professionals and executives: important prestigious certifications, executive programs and coaching services to help you overcome the next challenge in your professional career. From the CESTE Training Project, we contribute to preparing executives and managers who, while being knowledgeable in the most advanced techniques, are also upright, committed and entrepreneurial people. To achieve this, we are looking forward to applying the most innovative methodologies, and we have found in the British university system the model to incorporate into our programs. For us, the student is the protagonist of his or her learning process, and we are all available to collaborate with him in meeting his academic, personal and professional objectives.


Students are the center of our work and our reason for being.

Educate and train people, with an entrepreneurial vocation, competent in the face of the challenge of digitalization, and of service to society, with integrity and solidarity, who are capable of generating value in their companies, organizations and communities.

Develop learning experiences with innovative methods and with a practical orientation, in content, skills and competencies, that allow them to develop personally and professionally.

We work to ensure and improve the quality of training and learn from the best, to facilitate the employability of students, with them being the center of their learning process.


Innovating methodologies and committed to the future.

We want our contribution to education, innovative and in permanent contrast with real needs, to allow companies and professionals both in Aragon, and in those territories and countries that we can reach with our programs, development and prospects for economic growth. And social.

As a university center, we understand that our contribution has to reach not only young people, but also professionals who find, in us, a permanent call to continue training and be excited about growing in skills and professional possibilities.

Values and Culture

The development of our students, their role in their learning process, both in content and skills, and our commitment to the environment in which we are present with our work, center the values and our policy as the development of our Mission and Vision.

We specified it, taking into account what was contributed from our contacts with the UWTSD (University of Wales Trinity Saint David), through:

  • Collaboration and establishment of a series of strategic relationships at a regional, national and international level. These types of networks have the potential to inspire our students, staff and partners to create new future learning.
  • Inclusion through putting students first and defending continuous training without barriers. We support students from all backgrounds and at all stages of their education. We accompany second chances and professional reinvention processes.
  • Employability and creativity, taking advantage of entrepreneurship, research, the creative and entrepreneurial skills of our students, being able to offer educational programs that offer them the best opportunities to obtain employment and develop their transferable skills.
  • Sustainable development through a system-based approach that offers meaningful and relevant educational pathways and promotes social responsibility and learning.
  • The commitment to collaborate in the development of the territories in which our work is carried out, with special reference to Aragon, attending to the needs of development and strengthening of its strengths, and committing everyone to it.
  • The concept of Global Citizenship through the development of other multinational activities and opportunities for our students, staff and partners.
  • With the support of our academic partners, the development of research and its social impact, in accordance with its objectives.

Professional Accreditations: All Our Programs

At CESTE , our diversity of educational programs is governed by an exceptional methodology: the British one. Our students benefit not only from the official qualification from the University of Wales, but also from CESTE 's own accreditation. In addition, our collaboration with leading entities from various sectors allows us to offer a variety of additional certifications.

With a range of options including MBAs, master's degrees, postgraduate degrees, undergraduate degrees and professional accreditations, we are committed to driving your academic and professional growth.

Campus Features

Our Headquarters

We are located in one of the quietest and most beautiful areas of Zaragoza (Spain), right next to the Imperial Canal of Aragon, next to one of the most important Sports Centers in the city and the Sagrada Familia School. Our headquarters are located in our own building that has classrooms, offices, work rooms and our Residence for international students.

A privileged location

We are located in one of the quietest and most beautiful areas of the city of Zaragoza (Spain), through which the Imperial Canal of Aragon runs.

Right next to our Headquarters is the Casablanca Stadium, a Sports Center with magnificent facilities where you can enjoy and practice numerous sports (football, tennis, paddle tennis, swimming,...) and which also has a heated pool, gym, sports areas. relaxation and aesthetics.

Our classrooms and spaces

Distributed over four floors, our Headquarters has classrooms and work spaces equipped for presentations, teamwork or creative sessions of all kinds, according to our educational model.

We have recently modernized the WIFI network, further improving high-speed Internet connections in our spaces.

Although the digital world has radically transformed academic research, our library remains a space for meeting and teamwork.

Finally, the Assembly Hall is a unique space that we dedicate to outstanding moments of academic life, and also to sessions and presentations of special importance.


    To apply for admission to CESTE International Business School in Spain, applicants must meet the academic requirements, which include

    • Have completed high school or a training cycle in the subject.
    • Then, they have to complete the online application form and submit it with the necessary documents.
    • In some cases, an intake interview may be required.

    Scholarships and Funding

    CESTE has scholarships and aid through the CESTE Foundation program and also for students with a brilliant academic record. Find out about the possibilities on this page.

    CESTE Foundation Scholarships

    The CESTE Foundation, Education and Business will study scholarship applications from students interested in studying at CESTE with economic difficulties and good academic performance.

    These scholarships are offered for new Spanish students (or residents in Spain) and may reach up to 50% of the cost of the study in the case of University Degrees and up to 80% in the case of Masters.

    Other Scholarships available

    University careers

    For the Bachelor in Business Management and Bachelor in Applied Computing programs, the following Scholarships, Grants and Professional Career Plans for “Academic Excellence” are offered:

    • 15 Scholarships for new students of up to 50%
    • 5 Scholarships for access to the 2nd cycle of the degree of up to 25%

    Master Programs

    For the MBA, Master in Financial Management, Master in Networks and Cybersecurity and Master in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence programs, 20 “Academic Excellence” Scholarships of up to 80% are awarded.

    Former students and workers of organizations that are members of the CESTE Business Club

    In general, alumni of CESTE programs and employees of member companies of the Business Club will have a 10% discount on any training program launched by CESTE .

    CESTE Foundation Partners

    Preferential economic conditions of price and financing.


    The British university model, always in the top positions in the world and European ranking of universities (4 of the 6 best universities in the world are British), and guaranteed by the high standards of the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education from United Kingdom).


    • Zaragoza

      Paseo de los Infantes de España, 3, 50012, Zaragoza