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Centria University of Applied Sciences Bachelor of Engineering – Chemical Engineering (Daytime Studies)
Centria University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Engineering – Chemical Engineering (Daytime Studies)

Kokkola, Finland

4 Years


Full time

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Aug 2024

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* application dates: 03.01.2024 – 17.01.2024


Chemical engineering studies begin with the basics, so you don’t need any previous studies or work experience in the chemistry field. The studies start with core studies where, in addition to chemistry studies, you have extensive studies such as natural science and mathematics, languages, communication, finance and management. You will study chemical and process technology, which includes courses on automation technology and energy technology. Circular economy thinking, ethical responsibility, the financial orientation of the chemical industry, and the development of profitable businesses will also be part of your future expertise after you have completed your chemical engineering studies at Centria.

We have well-equipped laboratories and diverse equipment. The laboratories will become familiar to you during your studies, as you will get to do different laboratory practices with your classmates soon after you start your studies.

During your studies, you will have the chance to visit various companies and factories, join the classes of guest lecturers and participate in study projects offered by companies. Bachelor’s theses are also usually done for businesses in the industry. So, during your studies, you have excellent opportunities to network with work-life representatives and familiarize yourself with the actual work tasks of chemical engineers. Our students have excellent employment possibilities in our area, and many of our students get a summer job or a permanent job through practical training, a bachelor’s thesis project or some other study project.

Specialization options

You can specialise either in Environmental Chemistry and Technology or in New and Traditional Fuel Production.

In Environmental Chemistry and Technology studies, you will dive deeper into energy and environment and environmental protection. You will also familiarize yourself with wood chemistry and biotechnology. You will use Centria’s unique Chemplant pilot plant for learning new techniques. You get the chance to study environmental monitoring and cleaning techniques. You will also study the design of water and wastewater plants. You will also get to learn about environmental legislation and administration.

In the specialisation option of New and Traditional Fuel Production, you will learn about oil refining and biofuel production. You will get to know process simulations and practise your skills in fuel production projects.


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