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Centenary College of Louisiana Bachelor in Mathematics
Centenary College of Louisiana

Bachelor in Mathematics

2911, USA

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Sep 2024

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The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science aims to contribute to the student's liberal education by showing the role mathematics has played and is playing in the development of civilization and by giving him or her the opportunity to appreciate mathematics for its own esthetic qualities.

Our students receive fundamental training in the natural sciences and engineering as well as the social and behavioral sciences. The mathematics curriculum is planned so that a student majoring in the field may follow any one of a number of avenues after graduation, including the teaching profession, industry, computational mathematics, actuarial work, or a combination of mathematics with other scientific training.

Centenary's Mathematics Department has moved all classes to a four-hour format allowing for inquiry-based learning, where the students, with faculty guidance, are responsible for developing their own understanding of mathematical concepts.

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