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Carolina University Bachelor in Psychology
Carolina University

Bachelor in Psychology

420, USA

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Sep 2024

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Distance Learning, On-Campus


At Carolina University, our Psychology undergraduate programs offer a comprehensive curriculum which results in a solid foundation of valuable knowledge about working with people and organizations and understanding oneself. Both the BA and BS program requirements are structured to fall in line with the 5 goals of the American Psychological Association, thereby ensuring a solid foundation in the major areas of Psychology. CU's program is distinct because of a wider variety of elective courses accepted for the BA program, and the inclusion of global and leadership requirements for the BA and the BS programs.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills prepare students to enter the workforce after a Bachelor's degree in a wide variety of work settings (counseling, law, business, social work, advertising, criminal justice system, and more). Our programs also provide a strong foundation for those who wish to continue their education in graduate school. Our Bachelor of Science degree emphasizes the scientific aspect of Psychology with training in statistics and research methods. Our Bachelor of Arts degree is more flexible, in that the students may choose from a wide variety of Psychology elective courses to fulfill their hours of study for the program.

The Psychology major is the 3rd most popular in the country. It is also in the top 10 fields for double majors. Psychology is relevant to a wide variety of professions such as business, management, sales, human services, human relations, research, and medical fields. The demand for psychological services in schools, hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers, and social services agencies is growing and employment in the field of psychology has a projected growth rate of 14%, much higher than the average growth (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Psychologists. Occupational Outlook Handbook. Updated September 4, 2019.)

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